Best links of the week 04/2010

Here’s your weekly concentrate feed in case you missed some juice:

  1. Panopticlick — EFF shows off user tracking by fingerprinting browser’s User-Agent.
  2. Misa digital guitar — Open Source touchscreen guitar runs on Gentoo.
  3. Preordering the Apple Tablet — You may like iPad or not, but you can’t forget the wait.
  4. Ian Bicking: A new way to deploy web applications — Extending Google’s AppEngine paradigm to a customized world.
  5. What Every Programmer Should Know About Memory by Ulrich Drepper — A nice evergreen for my CS students.

Google’s rampage

In the last 7 days, clickstream has been exceptionally dominated by Google, so I think it deserves its own hit parade:

  1. Google’s proposal to extend DNS protocol — adding originator’s IP in queries would help geo-customized response.
  2. Chromium Blog: More Resources for Developers — brief of next-gen web technologies.
  3. Google Deducing Wireless Location Data — by inspecting packet headers and measuring transmission rates.
  4. Chromium Blog: Encouraging More Chromium Security Research — security bugs wanted, dead or alive.
  5. Google Xistence Offers to Live Your Life For You — a nice parody on social networks by Australian web designer Philipp Drössler.

P.S.: The best news of the week (of the year?) is actually this one.

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