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Security through obscurity

If anyone ever, ever, ever dares saying again that open-source-ness is not relevant to security assessment (or worse, that it’s counter-productive), I will kick them to China. Freedom of choice, yeah right.

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Faceflood, what the heck?

At times I wonder why people don’t quit with compulsive web socials and hang out for a beer.

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Masterminds of programming

I’ve recently completed reading Masterminds of Programming, a book written by Federico Biancuzzi and Shane Warden and published by O’Reilly, which collects several interviews to some of the most influential programming language developers around the world. For the impatient, the bottom line first: it’s a very insightful book and it’s definitely worth the money, but [...]

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Exim ldap lookup multiple DNs

Exim is one of the most flexible MTAs on the market. Its optional modules for database connectivity and its extensive config syntax allow full customization and use of external data sources. Provided LDAP backend allows three kinds of database query lookups: ldap: This does an LDAP lookup using a query in the form of a [...]

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Django and mysql names

Using django 1.1.1 framework with dmigrations tool, I’ve discovered that they don’t honour mysql naming conventions correctly. In fact, mysql has a limit of 64 characters on table names, index names and column names, but django doesn’t take it into account when generating tables and indices from models.

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Of course building from sources packages like wxPython in buildout led me to this: (Remixed by Matt Hamilton, original from

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Install wxPython in buildout

While completing setup of this blog with WordPress, I’ve also been working on another task: adding wxPython dependency to a pythonic project of mine. The deployment of this project is done through buildout, a nice piece of software that handles a sandboxed environment for python projects. You can find download and install instructions to start [...]

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