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Process management roundup/1

Under UNIX-like operating systems, there are several ways to manage long-running processes such as daemons. Process management is a crucial aspect of system maintainance and therefore it’s one of the aspects to take into account when planning a deployment. Since available solutions are getting more and more complex and specialized, I thought of writing a [...]

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Security through obscurity

If anyone ever, ever, ever dares saying again that open-source-ness is not relevant to security assessment (or worse, that it’s counter-productive), I will kick them to China. Freedom of choice, yeah right.

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Exim ldap lookup multiple DNs

Exim is one of the most flexible MTAs on the market. Its optional modules for database connectivity and its extensive config syntax allow full customization and use of external data sources. Provided LDAP backend allows three kinds of database query lookups: ldap: This does an LDAP lookup using a query in the form of a [...]

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