My top 10 geek epitaphs

There are several geek epitaph lists on the net (look here, here and here) but most are rather dull and they don’t really look like they’re written by real geeks, so I decided to write down my own list, with one line for each geek stereotype:

  1. the WoW player: «Met a Death Knight with serious blood abilities».
  2. the Python guru: «TombException».
  3. the Urban Terror player: «Did the lemming thing».
  4. the Star Trek fan: «Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam».
  5. the network guru: «TTL expired in transit».
  6. the Magic player: «Opponent played Grindstone with Painter’s Servant».
  7. the Spaceballs fan: «Out of order? FUCK! Even in heaven, nothing works!».
  8. the Matrix fan: «She told me: dodge this!».
  9. the NASA fan: «What do you mean “One way mission”?».
  10. the Unix guru: «kill -9 -1».

Who said that bad grass never dies? 🙂

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