About me

I’m 30 and I’m a computer geek. You can contact me at info at geekscrap.com.

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I’m pro at:

  1. designing system architectures and software security facilities in Unix-like environments;
  2. designing software architectures for web-based applications;
  3. designing data models for database-driven applications;
  4. evaluating infrastructure and software requirements for enterprise projects;
  5. developing web-based applications (I’m currently in love with Django and Pythonic web frameworks in general);
  6. developing system and networking tools and daemons for UNIX-like environments.
  7. installing, configuring and maintaining large server environments;
  8. porting applications to different platforms;
  9. packaging applications for deployment in several Unix-like environments;
  10. fixing userland and kernel bugs in Linux and BSD environments.

My current position:

I’m CTO at SMAU.

My past experiences:

Date Description
January 2010 Author of this blog, sharing experiences on coding and system administration.
September 2009 Coordinator of video communication for iMille political activist group.
July 2008 Project manager for SMAU on-line presence and IT infrastructure. SMAU is the leading IT event in Italy.
January 2007 Member of the Project Winston Smith, an Italian pro-privacy group, which runs E-Privacy event and assigns Big Brother Awards.
October 2006 Guest expert at radio show “2024” on Radio 24 radio channel, talking about anonimity on-line.
July 2006 Online newspaper Punto Informatico published an article about my talk on anonimity protection.
April 2006 Founder of Cyberiade.it, a project on Open Source, Digital Rights and E-Democracy, offering on-line anonimity protection services.
November 2005 Member of EuroBSDCon 2005 organizational committee. The event took place in Basel (Switzerland).
June 2004 Founder of X-Taskforce Srl, a company offering consulting services to ISPs and companies in the IT market.
June 2004 Speaker, member of the quality assurance team at Webb.it Milan event.
May 2004 Speaker at Webb.it ’04 and speaker at 4 seminars: 

  • Traffic shaping, load balancing and advanced routing con OpenBSD and Zebra
  • Create and control system calls with OpenBSD
  • ISP over IPv6 with OpenBSD
  • Anonymous Online
January 2004 Author of a chapter on OpenBSD 3.4 on “Open Source” book, included in “Lo Scaffale Webb.it” collection.
December 2003 Member of the PHP developer team.
November 2003 Release of a PHP SAPI module for OpenGroupware in collaboration with Helge Hess from OpenGroupware team (news coverage on Zend).
November 2003 System Administrator at Trenet Srl, a company offering hosting and web development services.
August 2003 Research on advanced viral distribution methods in collaboration with nologin.org team.
July 2003 Consultant for Vigos Ag on development of OpenBSD driver for gzip accelerator PCI card.
May 2003 Member of the networking staff at Webb.it ’03, speaker at the night show and speaker at 4 seminars: 

  • OpenBSD 3.3
  • Create ports for OpenBSD
  • Dan Berstein World
  • Open Source licensing
December 2002 Credits on Phrack 60, “Firewall spotting and networks analysis with a broken CRC” article by Federico Biancuzzi.
December 2002 Editor of BSD, FreeBSD and OpenBSD Italian categories of Open Directory Project.
November 2002 BSD Users Group Italia delegate at EuroBSDCon 2002 in Amsterdam.
July 2002 Member of the networking staff at Webb.it ’02, coordinator of the BSD area and speaker at 5 workshops: 

  • OpenBSD Packet Filter (x2)
  • Hardening OpenBSD
  • Security and Wireless LANs with IPSec and OpenBSD
  • Apache Performance and Security
May 2002 Chief developer of e-commerce platform at Libreriauniversitaria.it, an on-line bookshop in Italy.
May 2002 Contributor of OpenBSD packet filter, developing new featurs in collaboration with Daniel Hartmeier.
April 2002 Developer of several unofficial OpenBSD ports, including all Dan Bernstein software tools (qmail, djbdns, daemontools, etc.).
April 2002 IT Security Officer at Panini.
March 2002 Contributor of nmap software, submitting a few patches merged into 2.54 release.
February 2002 Host of the first italian CVS mirror of OpenBSD, accessible via SSH in IPv4 and IPv6.
January 2002 System administrator at Data Service (AS 21394), an ISP based in Modana, Italy.
April 2001 Project manager at Gufo.it, an e-learning portal developed by Ipertrade.
November 2000 Host of the first italian mirror of OpenBSD website, accessible in IPv4 and IPv6, in collaboration with bsd.it.
October 2000 System administrator at Ipertrade, a company offering hosting and web development services in Padova, Italy.
October 2000 Developer of a H.323 transparent proxy for OpenBSD/IPFilter.
September 2000 Member of the 6bone network and administrator of a IPv6 network with BGP4+ peering to Telecom Italia CSELT.
December 1999 Founder of the BSD Users Group Italia, an association of developers interested in BSD operating systems, offering free shell access to FreeBSD and OpenBSD servers.
October 1999 System administrator at XXI-IT, a web agency based in Padova, Italy.
September 1999 Coordinator of AMWAY CMS editors for MittelEurope area at AMWAY Europe.
August 1999 Project manager and developer of an ASP CMS for AMWAY Europe corporation.
July 1999 PHP/Perl developer at E-Tree. Main developer of Interposta project by Poste Italiane, outsourced to E-Tree.
May 1999 Member of the editorial board of Linux&C magazine, as expert of the BSD operating systems.
October 1998 System administrator at “A. Modigliani” high school in Padova, Italy.
September 1998 Release of a c++/asm-x86 graphic engine developed in collaboration with xLs, using DirctDraw 5 API without Direct3D support.
April 1998 System administrator at Lucian Networks, a company offering shell hosting on Linux and FreeBSD, based in Chicago Area.

My skills are:

Programming languages

Topic Level Since Tags Notes
AmigaBasic B 1991
Arexx B 1992
Asm-x86 B 1994
Asm-sparc C 1998
Awk A 2000
Bash A 1997
C A 1997
C++ A 1997
C# C 2008
Java C 1999
JavaScript A 1999
Ksh B 1997
MS-DOS A 1991
ObjC A 2004
Perl A 1998
PHP A 1998 I’m member of the PHP development team since 2003 (you can write me at jwk at php.net).
I have a wide experience of the language and the implementation in C.
Recently, I’ve started looking at Phalanger PHP compiler for .NET.
Python A 2008
Ruby A 2006
TCL A 1997
TurboPascal C 1994
VBScript A 2004

Notation, presentation and query languages

Topic Level Since Tags Notes
ConTeXt A 2008
CSS A 1999
(X)HTML A 1997
LaTeX B 2001
PostScript C 2001
XML A 1999
XPath A 1999
XPointer B 2001
XLink B 2001
XQuery B 2008
XSL-FO A 2006
XSLT A 1999

Other notable data formats

Topic Level Since Tags Notes
ASN.1 A 1999
PGP A 1998
OpenDocument C 2007
X.509 A 1999

Operating Systems

Topic Level Since Tags Notes
AmigaOS B 1990
Be OS C 2002
Cisco OS A 1999
DG-UX C 1998
Digital Unix / Tru64 Unix C 1998
Dynix C 1998
Extremeware B 2002
FreeBSD A 1998
HP UX C 1998
IBM AIX C 1998
IBM OS/2 C 1998
IBM OS/400 C 1999
Linux (debian) A 1998
Linux (gentoo) A 2002 gentoo I was about to become Gentoo developer in 2006, when my mentor retired from Gentoo 😛
Linux (redhat) A 1998
Linux (redhat enterprise) A 2004
Linux (suse enterprise) A 2008
Linux (slackware) B 1997
Linux (ubuntu) A 2005 ubuntu
Mac OS X A 2003 mac-os-x
NetBSD B 2002
OpenBSD A 1998
OSF-1 C 1998
PalmOS B 1999
Plan 9 C 1999
Sun Solaris B 1998
Tini OS C 2002
Ultrix C 1998
Windows 95/98/Me A 1995
Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 A 1997

Network protocols

Topic Level Since Tags Notes
802.1x B 2001
Appletalk A 2003
ATM A 2000
BGP A 2000
DHCP A 1998
DNS A 1998
Ethernet A 1998
(E)IGRP B 2000
FDDI C 2000
Fibrechannel A 2006
FTP A 1998
H.225 A 2000
H.245 A 2000
H.323 A 2000
HTTP A 1998
GVRP A 2000
ICMP A 1998
IGMP A 1998
IMAP A 1998
IPP A 2003
IPSEC A 2001
IPv4 A 1998
IPv6 A 2001
IPX B 1999
iSCSI A 2007
ISDN A 1998
Kerberos 5 A 2000
LDAP A 2000
LPD A 1999
MPLS A 2008
MRP B 2008
NetBIOS C 1999
NNTP A 2000
NTP A 1999
NFS A 1998
OSPF A 2000
PLIP C 2002
PPP A 1998
POP3 A 1998
Q.931 A 2000
QMTP A 1999
(R)ARP A 1998
Radius A 2000
RIP A 2000
Rlogin / Rsh A 1998
RS-232 A 1998
RTP A 1999
SIP A 2001
SLIP A 1998
SMB / CIFS A 1999
SMTP A 1998
SNMP A 2000
SOAP A 2003
Socks A 1998
SPX B 1999
SSH A 1998
STP A 2000
Telnet A 1998
Token Ring A 1999
TCP A 1998
UDP A 1998
VNC A 1999
VLAN 802.1q A 2000
VRRP A 1999
WDDX A 2003
X.25 C 1999
X11 A 1999
XML-RPC A 2003


Topic Level Since Tags Notes
Berkeley DB A 2001
CDB A 2003
GDBM A 2001
IBM DB2 C 2004
Lucene / Solr B 2009
Microsoft SQL Server A 2001
MySQL A 2001 mysql
OpenLDAP A 2001
Oracle DB B 2006
PostgreSQL A 2001
QDBM B 2006
SQLite A 2002
Sybase Anywhere C 2005


Topic Level Since Tags Notes
AFS C 2001
AmigaFS A 1990
Ext2/Ext3 A 1997
Coda B 2001
FAT A 1994
FFS/UFS A 1998
FUSE A 2005
GFS/GFS2 A 2006
GlusterFS B 2010
Intermezzo B 2005
ISO9660 A 1999
Lustre B 2007
JFS B 2002
NFSv3 A 1999
NFSv4 A 2007
NTFS A 1997
OCFS2 A 2007 ocfs2
ReiserFS C 2001
Samba A 1999 Several Samba+LDAP advanced setups.
XFS A 2002

Authentication subsystems

Topic Level Since Tags Notes
FreeRadius A 2001
Identd A 1998 Several implementations, also with security tokens.
Kerberos5 B 2003
NIS/YP A 1998
PAM / NSS A 1998 Several plugins. Specialties: PAM+ldap and PAM+ssh-agent.
OpenSSL A 1999 Various implementations.

Backup subsystems

Topic Level Since Tags Notes
Bacula A 2005
Veritas A 2003

DNS servers

Topic Level Since Tags Notes
Djbdns A 2003
ISC Bind A 1998
Ldapdns A 2004
Microsoft DNS Server A 2000
Powerdns A 2007

FTP servers

Topic Level Since Tags Notes
Proftpd A 2004
Pureftpd A 2008
Wu-ftpd A 1999

Mail servers

Topic Level Since Tags Notes
Courier IMAP B 2000
Cyrus IMAP B 2001
Dovecot A 2004
Exim A 2004 exim
Microsoft Exchange Server C 2004
Postfix A 2001
Qmail A 1999
Sendmail B 1998

Remote administration

Topic Level Since Tags Notes
PC Anywhere A 2001
Rdesktop A 2002
Snort B 2002
SSH / OpenSSH A 1997
VNC A 2002

Revision control systems

Topic Level Since Tags Notes
bazaar C 2008
cvs A 1999
git A 2007 git
mercurial C 2007
subversion A 2006

Routing subsystems

Topic Level Since Tags Notes
GNU Zebra A 2001
Microsoft RA Server A 2001
OpenBGPd A 2007
OpenOSPFd A 2007

Security subsystems

Topic Level Since Tags Notes
AppArmor B 2008
Checkpoint FW-1 B 2001
Cisco PIX B 2001
Linux iptables B 2001
Microsoft ISA Server/Forefront B 2004
OpenBSD pf/ipf A 1999
OpenVPN A 2007
SELinux A 2005
systrace A 2004

Software deployment

Topic Level Since Tags Notes
bcfg2 A 2008
cfengine C 2001
Ghost Enterprise A 2003
Microsoft SUS Server A 2004
puppet A 2008

Virtualization tools

Topic Level Since Tags Notes
FreeBSD jail B 2004
OpenVZ A 2007
Parallels Desktop A 2009
QEMU A 2008
VirtualBox A 2008
VMWare Server A 2004
Xen A 2006

Web servers and caches

Topic Level Since Tags Notes
Apache A 1998
Lighttpd A 2006
Litespeed Webserver A 2008
Microsoft IIS A 2001
nginx A 2009
Squid A 1999
Tomcat A 2001

Web applications and frameworks

Topic Level Since Tags Notes
blueprint A 2009
django A 2008 django
Drupal A 2005
EzPublish B 2002
Horde A 2003
Grok B 2009
Interchange B 2001
JBoss B 2006
jQuery A 2008
OpenACS C 2007
PEAR B 2006
Plone B 2008
Prototype B 2008
Pylons B 2009
RubyOnRails A 2006
Script.aculo.us B 2008
Turbogears B 2008
WebObjects B 2005
WordPress A 2008
Wt C 2009
Yahoo UI A 2008
Zope2 B 2005
Zope3 B 2009

Other subsystems

Topic Level Since Tags Notes
Crontab A 1998 vixie-cron and fcron implementations mainly.
ISC DHCPd A 1998
memcached A 2008
Microsoft SharePoint Server C 2005
Net-SNMP A 2001
Netflow A 2001
Ntp A 2000
Portmap A 1998
Syslog / Syslog-ng A 1998

The data contained in this page may not be up-to-date.