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Uh oh…someone called the cops

Police: Good evening, are you the host? Host: No. Police: We’ve been getting complaints about this party. Host: About the drugs? Police: No. Host: About the guns, then? Is somebody complaining about the guns? Police: No, the noise. Host: Oh, the noise. Well that makes sense because there are no guns or drugs here. (An […]

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My top 10 geek epitaphs

There are several geek epitaph lists on the net (look here, here and here) but most are rather dull and they don’t really look like they’re written by real geeks, so I decided to write down my own list, with one line for each geek stereotype: the WoW player: «Met a Death Knight with serious […]

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Best links of the week 07/2010

This week’s mood is all abourt cloud computing, html5, TED and the incoming conferences, with a trail on tablets. Balancing between seasonal hype and true link gifts is getting harder and harder: Mouse art — A program that creates nice artwork from your mouse pointer tracking. Jimmy Whales’ theory of failure — Wikipedia founder talks […]

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Linux Day all the way in 2010

A casual on-line conversation with a nice guy from Linux community: seven: «I’m very busy preparing Linux Day 2010 at the moment.» geekscrap: «Whoa! it’s in october, isn’t it? You’re taking it early!» seven: «This year it’s going to be big.» You’ve been warned.

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What Enterprise-grade really means

Recently S. Lott published a post on what’s a clear definition of Enterprise-level applications. Even though I agree with him that “Enterprise-scale” definition has been streched by marketing to mean about anything, I have to disagree with his conclusions: The fact that an enterprise running a mission-critical piece of software can actually survive to bad […]

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Multiple IP uplinks with Gentoo

When your computer or server has access to multiple LAN segments with different address spaces and different gateways to the Internet, there’s a nice feature called policy routing that allows you to use all of them simultaneously without having to re-configure your network topology. This is especially useful when you want to increase the bandwidth and […]

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CD overburning on Mac OS X

It seems that Toast 10 Titanium cd burning application doesn’t support overburning, so if you need to burn cd images that are larger than conventional 700MB, you can either use cdrtools from the command line with -overburn parameter (available in MacPorts), or use a nice cdrtools frontend called Firestarter FX, which is tested for Tiger […]

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Top 25 vulnerability RSS feeds

One way to receive up-to-date reports about vulnerability issues is subscribing to vulnerability RSS feeds: they update on demand, they don’t rely on your mail subsystem and they don’t fill up your mailbox. The only drawback is that you could miss alerts if you don’t sync your feeds for a long time, but if you’re […]

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Best links of the week 06/2010

It’s Sunday, just relax and enjoy your weekly juice: USIM card with an embedded Wi-Fi radio — Next generation phone SIM will run local hotspots. European Credit and debit card security broken — You’d better use old signature-based cards. Infineon TPM hacked — It eventually happened. No gory details though. 21st century life in transition […]

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Integrate WordPress and Django

Last year WordPress got an award as best Open Source CMS software and the reason is clear: it’s easy to setup, low on resources, very customizable and full of useful extensions. So unless you have very specific deployment requirements and if your blog is not part of your core technology, you may get the best […]

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