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CD overburning on Mac OS X

It seems that Toast 10 Titanium cd burning application doesn’t support overburning, so if you need to burn cd images that are larger than conventional 700MB, you can either use cdrtools from the command line with -overburn parameter (available in MacPorts), or use a nice cdrtools frontend called Firestarter FX, which is tested for Tiger […]

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Top 25 vulnerability RSS feeds

One way to receive up-to-date reports about vulnerability issues is subscribing to vulnerability RSS feeds: they update on demand, they don’t rely on your mail subsystem and they don’t fill up your mailbox. The only drawback is that you could miss alerts if you don’t sync your feeds for a long time, but if you’re […]

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Integrate WordPress and Django

Last year WordPress got an award as best Open Source CMS software and the reason is clear: it’s easy to setup, low on resources, very customizable and full of useful extensions. So unless you have very specific deployment requirements and if your blog is not part of your core technology, you may get the best […]

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Using screen as your login shell

GNU screen is a nice utility that allows running multiple interactive shells from the same terminal session and allows you to detach from your terminal while keeping those shells alive. Later on, you can re-attach to your background screen to get back to your shells. It has a lot more features like automatic session logging and […]

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8 web design add-ons for Django

In the last year, I’ve defined a quite stable fundation for my django projects. In this post I’m enumerating template design components that saved my day by reducing development time while keeping code readable, concise and standard-compliant. 1. Blueprint CSS framework While not a django-specific add-on, Blueprint CSS framework is a perfect companion for django […]

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Linux RAID disk wipeout

A common problem with Linux software RAID (aka md) happens when you try to use a disk that was previously part of some other disk array. Symptoms include: wrong volume size, unable to add device to raid, volume UUID mismatch. To fix the problem you need to use mdadm utility on the disk to cleanup: # […]

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