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Best links of the week 07/2010

This week’s mood is all abourt cloud computing, html5, TED and the incoming conferences, with a trail on tablets. Balancing between seasonal hype and true link gifts is getting harder and harder: Mouse art — A program that creates nice artwork from your mouse pointer tracking. Jimmy Whales’ theory of failure — Wikipedia founder talks […]

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Linux Day all the way in 2010

A casual on-line conversation with a nice guy from Linux community: seven: «I’m very busy preparing Linux Day 2010 at the moment.» geekscrap: «Whoa! it’s in october, isn’t it? You’re taking it early!» seven: «This year it’s going to be big.» You’ve been warned.

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Best links of the week 06/2010

It’s Sunday, just relax and enjoy your weekly juice: USIM card with an embedded Wi-Fi radio — Next generation phone SIM will run local hotspots. European Credit and debit card security broken — You’d better use old signature-based cards. Infineon TPM hacked — It eventually happened. No gory details though. 21st century life in transition […]

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McItaly: gone there, eaten that

I’m not a fan of McDonalds. I don’t really like Ronald, CJ and all the family, but when Ipazia pointed me to new McItaly burger and Guardian’s controversial article on Italian government being involved in the agreement between McDonalds and Italian food companies, I decided to forget stereotypes for a day and try the product. […]

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Church vs Hi-Tech head-to-head

If you’re fond of Amiga-vs-PC and Android-vs-iPhone religion wars, you may enjoy this useful recap of what’s going on in the mass mind control department: Church business is about showing off symbols. Technology has its own symbols too. Jesus wants you to keep vegetables vegetatives alive. Technology has found a way to talk to them […]

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Best links of the week 04/2010

Here’s your weekly concentrate feed in case you missed some juice: Panopticlick — EFF shows off user tracking by fingerprinting browser’s User-Agent. Misa digital guitar — Open Source touchscreen guitar runs on Gentoo. Preordering the Apple Tablet — You may like iPad or not, but you can’t forget the wait. Ian Bicking: A new way […]

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Best links of the week 03/2010

Sunday is a great day for relaxing and catching up with the zeitgeist, so I decided to write down a list of the 5 best clicks from the past week. Here it is: Humble Pied — nice tips to get inspired and productive. High Performance Enabled SSH/SCP — how to make your SCP session run […]

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