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Integrate WordPress and Django

Last year WordPress got an award as best Open Source CMS software and the reason is clear: it’s easy to setup, low on resources, very customizable and full of useful extensions. So unless you have very specific deployment requirements and if your blog is not part of your core technology, you may get the best […]

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Integrate Tornado in Django

Tornado is a nice python WSGI-compliant web server developed by guys at FriendFeed. It’s primarily thought as application server for python web frameworks and according to FriendFeed benchmarks, it’s blazing fast thanks to its non-blocking connections. UPDATE: For more performance info, James Abley pointed me to a very complete benchmark of available Python asynchronous webservers. […]

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8 web design add-ons for Django

In the last year, I’ve defined a quite stable fundation for my django projects. In this post I’m enumerating template design components that saved my day by reducing development time while keeping code readable, concise and standard-compliant. 1. Blueprint CSS framework While not a django-specific add-on, Blueprint CSS framework is a perfect companion for django […]

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.gitignore for Django buildout

If you’re keeping your django buildout installation under git, you may find the following .gitignore list useful to prevent your commits from cluttering with ugly temporary files (of course it also applies to other revision control system ignore files). You may need to adapt folder names to your buildout.cfg setup.

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Django dynamic template paths

Several add-on applications for Django bring in their own templates and expect user to hardcopy those files into project’s template directory. The problem raises when add-on egg is updated and its hardcopied templates are not. Another approach could be to add add-on template directory path to TEMPLATE_DIRS variable in project’s settings.py. However, once add-on application […]

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Django and mysql names

Using django 1.1.1 framework with dmigrations tool, I’ve discovered that they don’t honour mysql naming conventions correctly. In fact, mysql has a limit of 64 characters on table names, index names and column names, but django doesn’t take it into account when generating tables and indices from models.

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Of course building from sources packages like wxPython in buildout led me to this: (Remixed by Matt Hamilton, original from http://xkcd.com/303)

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Install wxPython in buildout

While completing setup of this blog with WordPress, I’ve also been working on another task: adding wxPython dependency to a pythonic project of mine. The deployment of this project is done through buildout, a nice piece of software that handles a sandboxed environment for python projects. You can find download and install instructions to start […]

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